By Judgement Katika

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Saturday fired its Secretary General Grezelder wa Jeffrey for holding a National Governing Council meeting at their purpoted Central Executive Committee meeting which took place at Page House in Mangochi.

In a memorandum released soon after the meeting DPP has fired Wa Jeffrey and replaced her with Dr Clement Mwale.

But in a twist of event, the same DPP has illegally appointed Wa Jeffrey as Central region Vice President ironically the region has already a sitting vice president who is Uladi Mussa (Change Golo).

“In accordance with Article 9 of the DPP Constitution, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the president of the party called for a meeting of the Central Executive Committee and all the members were invited. The meeting
was held today and resolved as follows:

“Confirmed the appointment of Hon Grezelder Jeffrey and Hon Dr Clement Mwale as Vice President Central Region and Secretary General of the Party respectively, ” reads part of the memo.

The meeting has set the date of 13th December 2023 for what they call properly constituted National Governing Council meeting to be held at Nkopola Sunbird in Mangochi.

The meeting has also directed the newly appointed Secretary General to consult the President and thereafter call for the meeting of the National Governing Council.

Meanwhile senior NGC member Ken Msonda has challenged the appointment of and subsequent firing of Wa Jeffrey as illegal.

Msonda said the SG can be removed through convention since it is the highest office in the party hierarchy.

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