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As a part of promoting sports activities in his constituency, Malawi Congress Party (MCP ) Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Center Constituency on Saturday November 12, 2023 presided over the official launch of a K8 Million Honourable Alfred Jiya Football and Netball trophy at an event that took place at newly demacated constituency Nankhaka.

Speaking to Teamplus Television, Jiya said he believes in promoting sports activitites at grassroot level hence launching the trophy. He said sports activities are important to the youths as they minimize immoral behaviors.

” I am very glad today that am here to preside over the launch of this  trophy here at Nankhaka .The main aim of this trophy is to promote sports. We want young people to  have the chance for participating in sports activities for them to grow well and heathier in the communities. I observed that young children love sports very much they luck chance and this is why I decided to bring to them this trophy worthy K8 Million where they will enjoy sports”, said Jiya.

Jiya since took over the mantle of leadership from Bisnowaty in 2019,he has initiated a number of development projects for kauma residents including a new tarmac road,multi billion kwacha bridge,New classroom blocks,electricity and piped water through LWB project.

He will contest for Nankhaka constituency in 2025.This follows constituency dermacation exercise by Malawi electoral commission.

Lilongwe city centre has been demarcated into 5 constituencies..Nankhaka,Chipala Nafisi,Dzenza,city center and Lumbadzi constituencies.

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