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In August this year musician Joe Gwaladi alongside Giboh Pearson of Idzathera Mapenate fame visited South Africa for a series of successful live shows.

However, fans expressed concern over Gwaladi’s continued low public conduct soon after he returned from his historic SA tour. In a circulating video on social media, he was depicted to have been indulged in some worrying public behaviours which did not go down well with his fans.

This resulted in serious calls from fans, suggesting that Gwaladi should get a manager to direct his career. And as experience has shown it, Giboh Pearson was earmarked for this role. After all, Giboh Pearson has already demonstrated that he can handle him well as both his manager and mentor.

Honestly speaking, Gwaladi is one of the brilliant local musicians to reckon with. He has a funny side of his personality. And at times, he can really go nuts and hit the off key of public conduct just like an abandoned sheep.

Ndinafabulu is the title of one of Gwaladi’s popular songs. But the title carries some strong declaration and conviction of die-hard town moguls. It depicts their everyday struggle and street life such as minibus touting, which is a survival of the fittest.

In fact, the struggle of street life is commonly associated with Kujiya to help the struggling youths make ends meet.

Look now, is it wrong to conclude that the powerful connotations embedded in Kujiya brevity or Ndinafabulu confessions haunt Gwaladi? I mean that ‘I don’t care spirit after all it is what it is’? Sometimes I wonder.

Yes, sometimes I wonder why some people indulge in certain behaviours or actions. Yet we have answers but we deliberately choose to pay a blind ear in most circumstances.

Well, when Gwaladi was involved in scandalous behaviour soon after returning from SA his music buddy, Giboh Pearson took it the public to apologise on his behalf. He said most of the things that his artist friend does happen in subconsciousness due to the influence of alcohol. I totally agree with this because people are compelled by different forces like social and economic-induced stress to behave strangely. But some quartera take it for granted because they are not in the shoes of doers.

Pearson was quoted as saying: “Gwaladi is a very good and calm person when he is not drunk. Even when you ask him about the bad things he did in the video clip, he doesn’t remember anything. All what he remembers is that he was in South Africa.

As his friend, I, personally know how to handle him to a certain extent. But he needs our support, including prayers to ensure that his career is shaped accordingly.”

SA based musician T Kells, who spent much of time with Gwaladi during his SA tour weighted in her views.

She said: “According to what I have experienced with Gwaladi. He’s a genius and a very interesting person to hang around with when he is normal, calm and sober-minded. But when he gets drunk, just like most of the people who indulge in alcohol, he sometimes loose control.

But if you take time to analyze him
you would understand and notice his strengths and flaws as a human being. I feel Gwaladi needs more guidance and support to help him to make his daily life decisions wisely.”

And just few days ago Gwaladi also made headlines in the streets for taking one too many. And as usual Giboh Pearson appeared on social media in a vidoe clip with Gwaladi to clarify rumours that he (Gwaladi) had committed suicide.

Back to Gwaladi’s music career and SA performance in particular, some quarters might take him for some jokes because of his dramatic personality. But he is such a big deal with staggering legacy. However, people can appreciate this after he dies since it is a normal for our society to praise people when they die.

How I wish my spirit could rebuke some fake people who shall stand on my funeral to preach the very good they are failing to praise and nurture today. Hypocrites!

Musician T Kells described Gwaladi’s stay and live shows in SA as memorable and impressive.

“Gwaladi is a firebrand. I enjoyed every moment of his time. I salute Giboh Pearson for coming along with him because it was his idea because of the brothery love the two enjoy.

This should set an example to Malawian musicians to uplift each other in all aspects of their lives. Because together we can make it big and develop our music industry.”

Gwaladi, who is fondly called several titles such as ‘Professor’ and ‘King Joe Gwaladi’, was probably the first Malawian musician to stage more than eight shows in row in SA.

From Johannesburg to Capetown, the name Professor Joe Gwaladi had been on the lips of many people in South Africa in August. And the social media, extensively monitored by popular online platforms like Mikozi and Malawian social media influencers living in South Africa, had been awash with Gwaladi’s lively and priceless moments.

In the first place, Gwaladi alongside Giboh Pearson held their first show on August 4 at Club Africa Benoni. Then follow up shows were held at Nyanyazi Club and Tijuca.

However, due to high demand Gwaladi was booked for more shows at Germiston Community Bar and Adams Tarven when his colleague (Pearson) returned home for similar assignment. Gwaladi staged his farewell show on at Culture Inn right in Johannesburg CBD between August 19 and 23.

Environment plays a critical role when it comes nurturing or promoting one’s career. This can be said of Gwaladi. Indeed, it was lovely to see this famous young man, who has once been rejected and being labeled all sorts of derogatory names after being reportedly found neglected and drunk in some streets of our cities.

But for once Gwaladi looked well-groomed and brand-new throughout his SA performances.

Many Malawians living is SA, including those who were managing him, hailed Gwaladi for entertaining them.

“Gwaladi is a type of artist who keeps you on your feet throughout because of his unique touch and energy. He has amazing freestyles that send one into laughter and the good thing is that his music revolves around real life issues,” said Gurvy Phiri, who attended Gwaladi’s show in Capetown.

However Gwaladi seriously needs to be checked or guided to ensure the sustainable growth of his career. Long live professor Joe Gwaladi!

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