By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

In a bid to bridge the gap that exist between Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) and the general public ,DCCMS is planning to start an SMS link using phones network (Mobile app) that can serve as an alert in all types of gadgets to forecast weather condition of specific areas.

Currently, DCCMS has commenced its first arrangement with mobile service operators to map fjet way forward on the plan and people will be properly informed in due course.

Speaking during the media training on how best the two parties can disseminate weather messages to the public on Thursday in Blantyre,Deputy Director for observation and Forecasting in DCCMS, Charles Vanya said journalists stand a better position to do the work,as per their experiences in message broadcastings.

Charles Vanya DCCMS

“Understanding the climate and see how best we can do to warn the public on weather changes ,this will need collaborative efforts between journalists and DCCMS experts to interpret some words for people in the rural areas for easy understanding”. said Vanya

And in her opening remarks, Dr Lucy Mtilatila who is Director for the department said alerts should not be considered as a threat to people but a protection support hence the need for journalists to play their rightful role.

Dr Lucy Mtiilatila

“Weather updates may sound awesome to the public but when journalists convey the same messages, understanding of the same people changes hence the training.” Said Dr Mtilatila.

DCCMS records on climates change variations
have shown that human causes such as
and urbanisation contribute a lot hence the need to be watchful.

DCCMS operations are done under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change.

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