By Sarah Munthali MANA

Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda has said the judiciary is committed to deliver justice for all and ensure that persons with albinism enjoy full access to justice.

He made the remarks in Lilongwe on Friday when he presided over the International albinism awareness day symposium.

Chief justice Rizine Mzikamanda

“Persons with albinism are entitled to access to justice in the country in the same way any other person is entitled to. They deserve “An Inclusive Justice System” in the same way any other person in the country is entitled to.

“We, in the Malawi Judiciary are committed to the principle of justice for all according to law. We commit ourselves to serving people better, a position we made clear in our current strategic plan and all our policy documents. We have paid particular attention to cases concerning persons with albinism to ensure timely disposition of those cases,” he noted.

Mzikamanda said the Judiciary will partner with all stakeholders to ensure that persons with albinism have their human rights protected, promoted, preserved.

He said there is need to make people aware of the plight and rights of persons with albinism so that communities bring an end to all forms of attacks, suffering and discrimination against persons with albinism.

In her remarks Minister of Gender Community Development and Social Welfare Jean Sendeza said Persons with albinism like all other persons with disabilities in the country, face multiple challenges in accessing justice.

Min of Gender and disability, Hon Jean Sendeza

“My ministry is prepared to work with all institutions in the justice sector to help them build their capacity on disability matters to address the challenges encountered by persons with albinism and all persons with disabilities so that they enjoy their human rights and fundamental freedoms without discrimination,” she said.

Sendeza commended the efforts and contributions of persons with albinism through their representative organisations and their networks, in advocating for their rights saying her ministry will continue to support them to ensure everyone is respected and appreciated.

President of the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi, Mr. Young Muhamba said there is progress in the protection of people with albinism with the availability of the national action plan, training of magistrates and a handbook on albinism but called for more action in protecting people with albinism.

International Albinism Awareness Day, falls on the 13th of June every year. Malawi is commemorating this year’s event under the theme “An Inclusive Justice System.

Young Mahamba

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