By Wanangwa Tembo MANA

Kasungu District Hospital authorities say although the district has not recorded any cholera case, they are on high alert and prepared to provide effective response in an event of an outbreak.

The hospital Public Relations Officer Catherine Yoweli said in an interview on Sunday that Kasungu is at risk of registering cholera cases because it shares boundary with Zambia which has been heavily hit by the outbreak.

On Friday, Zambia recorded 336 cases and 22 deaths in 24 hours as it took its tally of cumulative cases to 4, 433 and 172 deaths since October 2023 and has since banned street vending and delayed opening of schools.

Kasungu borders Zambia to the west, with many cross border trade activities taking place through Chinsinga, Kachinda and Nthunduwala.

Yoweli said: “On the prevention side, we have been distributing chlorine in communities to ensure that people are drinking safe water.

“As a district, we have also been actively involved in the Tipewe Cholera campaign through which we have been disseminating messages on prevention and control, targeting local leaders and the community at large.”

Yoweli, who is also a health promotion officer, said they have also carried out house inspections in communities checking the availability of proper sanitary facilities.

“These activities are ongoing. And we have intensified surveillance of cases so that when found, they should be treated at the earliest opportunity.

“During a similar period last year, we had recorded 15 cumulative cases. So it is encouraging that we are at zero cases this year,” she said.

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