By Kalemba in Zambia

A THIRD year medical student of the Levy Mwanawasa Medical University has died at the hands of her boyfriend she visited for a sleepover at the weekend.

The 21-year old student identified as Chipo Lufwandika is said to have visited her boyfriend aged 27 over the weekend but on Monday morning, he dumped her lifeless body at the University Teaching Hospital Brought-In-Dead section claiming she had slipped on a wet floor at the boarding house and sustained fatal head injuries.

The boyfriend then left the hospital staff with the contact numbers of Chipo’s parents who were called and confirmed the dead girl was indeed their daughter.

On Tuesday evening around 18:00 hours, the boyfriend decided to visit the house of mourning to probably assess from the stories mourners were telling if they suspected him of being behind the death of his girlfriend.

However, before he could even settle down, Chipo’s friends who had the full data of her sleepover at his house prior to her death noticed his presence and confronted him replacing the sorrowful atmosphere to a chaos.

In the ensuing confusion, Chipo’s parents learnt that their daughter may have been murdered and not exactly died of a head injury as they had initially believed.

The boyfriend was then marched to Woodlands Police Station were he was detained.

Zambia Police Service deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale has confirmed the death of the student and detention of her boyfriend in a statement to Kalemba. Mwale said investigations have been instituted in the matter.

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