By Judgement Katika

As 2025 general elections drew closer, Mayor of Lilongwe City , Councilor Richard Banda met Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials and block leaders at Tsabango Primary School in Lilongwe City to seek their support.

Speaking at the meeting, Banda announced that he will stand as a member of parliament for the newly demarcated Lilongwe Mlodza constituency.

He explained that he has decided to stand as MP to partake in the development of the area.

He said the constituency lags behind in terms of development such as clean water, passable roads, electricity, decent schools and bridges.

He said it is sad that despite constituencies receiving K100 million Constituency development Fund (CDF), people are still struggling to access quality services.

“As I speak check the bridges if you are at Chipasula and you want to go to area 22, you will have to drive via Petroda Filling station. And really just because of a bridge we need this to change, ” he said.

Banda urged the sitting MPs not to block their councilors to stand.

The councilors too have bound duties to contribute to the growth of our economy and Malawi agenda 2063.

During the meeting Banda announced that the door is now open to discuss development projects till 2025.

“I will not wait for 2025 to start developments I will start now.

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