Sgt Sungeni Manguwo

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Lilongwe Magistrate Court sitting Convicted a Congolese National On Thursday, February 9 th, 2023 for Contravening laws of the Immigration Act and laws of Trafficking in persons Act respectively.

The conviction comes in following his arrest by the immigration Authorities on 26th January 2023 within Lilongwe in connection with 17 recruited Congolese Nationals who were arrested by Lingadzi police after receiving a tip from the good wishes at area 49, where they stayed, to take them to the USA and then handed over them to Regional Immigration office for Center for further investigations.

After with investigations processes and then the prosecution team led by Inspectors Bright.C. Matemba and Binwell Kachingwe took him to Court where Magistrate charged him with three counts such as illegal entry and stay in the country without having any valid permits which are contrary to section 21 (1), Aiding and a Betting which is contrary to section 14 (1) of the traffic in persons Act.

However, the court sentenced him to deportation on the first and second counts, and on the third count, he was sentenced with 12 years imprisonment with hard labor he pleaded guilty to all the counts and was Convicted Accordingly.

A convict identified as Ruchiko Muhimuzi Issa, aged 40, Businessman and hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Currently, He has been taken to Maula Prison pending deportation after serving his 12 years imprisonment with hard labor.

Sgt Sungeni Manguwo

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