By Twemipoki Mangani MANA

Chief Executive Officer for Lush Africa, the organising firm of Miss & Mrs Culture Malawi, Lorraine Kljajic says the newly established hospitality partnership with Sunbird Hotels and Resorts will assist in fully promoting culture and empowering women through the beauty pageantry.

She made the remarks Tuesday at Sunbird Lilongwe during a press conference where Sunbird Hotels and Resorts unveiled its hospitality package towards this year’s beauty competition slated for August, 4.

Kljajic expressed satisfaction with Sunbird for aligning its strong brand to Miss & Mrs Culture Malawi which she said is a sign that the hospitality industry has appreciated the work done by the pageantry in the two years of its existence.

“I can’t even say how much excited we are as Lush African Foundation, Lush African Entertainment as well as the Miss & Mrs Culture organising team. It is a huge honour to have Sunbird accept and understand our vision,” Kljajic said.

The CEO further said the two non-bikini pageants have unique pricing all with a purpose of ensuring that women contribute positively to the society while outlining the positive reception the inaugural Mrs Culture exhibition is getting.

“Mrs Culture is a new concept and a lot of people thought it is simply another pageant but it’s an empowerment programme targeting married or previously married women who can transcend to be the face of culture with the ultimate winner walking away with a 15 by 30 land from the prize sponsors, Innobuild.

“The winner of Miss Culture, on the other hand, is awarded a suitable fully funded bachelors scholarship from Exploits University and soon we shall be signing a long term partnership to extend the work which has already been running for two years,” she said.

Head of Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Sunbird Hotels and Resorts, Temwa Kanjadza said the partnership will allow their leisure guest to see and appreciate the authentic heritage Malawi offers.

“We are very honored and excited to be part of Miss Culture this year. As a hospitality entity, culture is one of the most important components of tourism and we are not only selling rooms and conferences, we are also selling experience which includes culture.

“We will be hosting the wonderful ladies within our hotels, in terms of food and beverage, during their expansion at the leisure centre at Sunbird Nkopola for the beach experience and we are the hosts of the main event, the gala of the final night,” Kanjadza said.

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