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Tropical Cyclone Freddy victims from Group Village Head Maness Kapeni in Blantyre, on Friday received their first ever relief items from Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) since they camped at Likulu Community Based Organisation (CBO) following the tragedy.

The statutory corporation gave maize flour, soap and buckets worth K5 million to people camping at the site.

One of the beneficiaries, Beatrice Ngondo said despite that there were no deaths recorded in her village, some people were injured as walls of their houses fell on them while others lost all their food including kitchen utensils, clothes and beddings due to the cyclone.

“Since we came to this camp almost a week now, this is the first donation we are receiving and we are very grateful. We also have children here who need food and this has come at the right time. However, we appeal to others to emulate this gesture by providing us with blankets which is also another essential need bearing in mind the current weather,” said Ngondo.

LWB board chairperson Inkosi Ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V said the corporation thought it wise to cheer the victims in the southern region of the country because it was clear that such people lack a lot of necessities.

“We thought it wise to donate to the Cyclone Freddy survivors because we knew they were lacking a lot of things. We therefore, ask others to come in and help them as this requires collective efforts,” he explained.

Principle Secretary in the Ministry of Water and Sanitation Elias Chimulambe said water bowsers from different water boards will be supplying water to all camps in the affected districts to ensure that survivors have easy access to potable water.

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