By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sili Mbewe said his institution is optimistic that it would manage to deal with the issue of water loss caused by illegal water connections, pipe leakages and vandalism of water supplying equipment among others.

Sili Mbewe CEO LWB

He made the remarks on Wednesday during Project for Strengthening the Capacity of Non-Revenue Water Reduction for Lilongwe Water Board (LiSCaP) 9th Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) meeting which was held in Lilongwe.

Mbewe said that as water board they are looking forward to reduce the issue of water loss in a range of 25 percent reaching the year 2025.

LWB is currently losing about 38 percent of water that it produces annually which translates to the money loss of about K15 billion, according to the CEO.

He further expressed confidence that through various interventions that are implementing which include; replacing old water supplying equipment with new ones among others would help them solve the issue of water loss.

He also hailed Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for assisting LWB in dealing with the issue of non-revenue water through the LiSCaP which is scheduled to phase out in December 2024.

Kazuhiro Tambara JICA

In his comment, JICA Chief Representative, Kazuhiro Tambara said that as JICA they are committed to providing LWB with different support such as the latest equipment and capacity that would assist in dealing with the issue of non-revenue water.

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