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Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has donated over 54 million worth of medical supplies to the Ministry of Health, adding to the collective effort in the fight against the current Cholera outbreak.

The donated equipment includes; 150 HTH Chlorine of 25 Kgs each, 11,500 Ringers lactate of 500mls each, and 12,000 Giving sets.

In addition to the donation, MACRA has also extended a helping hand to the Ministry of Health to spread Cholera outbreak awareness messages in both rural and urban areas to curtail the widespread of the deadly disease.
The Hon Minister of Health, Hon. Kumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP received the donation on behalf of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 and Cholera and also on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Honourable Chiponda expressed gratitude to MACRA for such a timely and much-needed donation
‘’We have received valuable medical supplies worth over K54 Million, as a ministry and government we are very grateful to MACRA for this donation which has come at the right time.’’ Said Honourable Chiponda.

In her remarks, a representative of MACRA, Ms. Stella Chuti said, MACRA donated in response to His Excellency the State President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s plea which urged organizations to contribute towards the End Cholera campaign.
‘’In response to the president’s plea the board of MACRA agreed that they should take part in the response by buying the items that have been donated today and spreading the messages throughout the country to ensure that Malawians can understand how to prevent Cholera.’’ Said Chuti.

At the ceremony, Honourable Chiponda appealed to telecommunications stakeholders to render their assistance to the government in the spreading of Cholera awareness messages to the masses to combat the outbreak.

‘’My appeal to those in communication is that that should assist us because these are your customers, these are the people who buy units daily, they might not have a health center near them but they have a mobile, a handset and they are connected to your network and if you can assist us with a message it will help us a lot.’’ Pleaded Honourable Chiponda.
Responding to the Minister’s plea, MACRA board representative Chuti, vowed to appeal to their stakeholders to aid in the spreading of Cholera awareness messages.

‘’As MACRA we are going to engage the operators who are in the telecommunications, postal, and broadcasting sectors to ensure that all of them contribute to this prevention of Cholera through spreading messages either through the phones, TVs, and radios.’’ Said, Chuti.

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