Tabbu kitta Kauye MANA

First Lady Madam Monica Chakwera has challenged women in the country not to give up but strive at achieving 50 percent gender equality in the country.

She made the remarks in Lilongwe, when she presided over the launch of the Skilled Women Artisans – Amisili Pa Ulendo program.

Madam Chakwera noted that the country is still not doing well in gender equality as there is still less representation of women and girls in some sectors of the country.

However, while noting the challenges, the First Lady said over the years the country has made tremendous significant strides in gender equality, by among other things having women and girls doing jobs that were long considered to be for men only.

“The responsibility of making sure that every girl child goes to school falls on all of us, everyone should take part in making sure that we increase the gender equality percentage in Malawi, we should not give up. I will be happy if we achieve 50 percent gender equality in all sectors”. She said.

The First Lady also took time to implore the country to support young women artisans with information and tools and stop gender based violence in construction industry.

Minister of Gender, Jean Sendeza said the Skilled Women Artisans – Amisili pa Ulendo is complementing governments’ effort to alleviate women from poverty through lasting and sustainable means of empowerment.

Founder of Skilled Women Artisans in Malawi Mary Mphonda called on women artisans to join the grouping.

She said most women artisans work in lonely places so the grouping will help them get the support they need in their profession.

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