By Kumbukani Kondowe MANA

The Minister of Natural resources and climate change, Dr. Michael Usi has said Malawi has assumed chairmanship for the 46 least developed countries from Africa, Asia and small island states in the pacific regions under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Dr. Usi disclosed this on Friday, during a post COP 28 press briefing organised by his Ministry to brief the nation on the outcome from 28th conference of parties to the UNFCCC which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“Malawi assumes this chairmanship for the period of January 2024 to December 2025 taking over from the Republic of Senegal which had the chairmanship from January 2022 through December, 2023” said Dr. Usi.

“I wish to inform you that assuming this chairmanship is a big milestone for Malawi as any decisions regarding climate change among these 46 member countries will be made by Malawi hence most of the activities within these two years will be hosted right here in Malawi and this will bring visibility of our nation to the world apart from boosting up forex which participants will bring,” said Usi.

Dr. Usi further said Malawi has benefited a lot from the just ended COP 28 starting with the direct climate finance aid amounting to 1.25 million British pounds from Scotland which was announced by the first Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf.
“African Development Bank has shown interest to provide funding of 1 billion for the construction of hydro power station and multipurpose dam on Tanzania’s Songwe River basin and Malawi also has access to 20 million dollars from the least development countries fund upon writing successful proposals,” said Usi.

Minister of Energy, Mr. Ibrahim Matola said Malawi tends to benefit a lot from COP28 mentioning the aid that Malawi will get from Scotland which will go towards construction of hydro power station and multipurpose dam which will produce electricity for both Malawi and Tanzania.

“We participated in several high level meetings, speeches, panel discussions and keynotes address out of which we were able to negotiated a couple of deals including the construction of hydro power station, a 900 thousand grant from the green climate fund through alliance for Agriculture (AGRA) to facilitate development of an adaptation program in agriculture sector among others,” said Matola

The Minister expressed gratitude to all development partners who collaborated directly with government, civil society organizations and the media for their support in enabling Malawi to take part in COP28.

This year’s COP28 was held under the theme “Ambition to Action” from 30th November to 13th December at Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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