By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has said Government will continue working together with the government of Zimbabwe in sharing best ways that would help to develop Malawi and Zimbabwe.

He made the remarks on Saturday during 43rd Independence Day celebration for Zimbabwe which was held at the Embassy of Zimbabwe in Lilongwe.

Ng’oma who was the guest of honour at the event, said Malawi Government appreciates the support which the government of Zimbabwe renders to Malawi, hence the need for the country to continue working together with Zimbabwean government.

“Malawi and Zimbabwe are like brothers and sisters, moreover Zimbabwe we look at them as cousins and we always work together.

“I am also grateful to the leadership of Zimbabwe more especially President M’nangagwa for the support he has shown to Malawians during the time of cyclone Freddy, he was the first to come in and he did the needful, we are so grateful and our relationship should continue,” Ng’oma said.

He also said that, Malawi will always stand with the government of Zimbabwe in lobbying the western countries to remove the sanctions which they imposed on Zimbabwe saying that the sanctions are negatively affecting the people of Zimbabwe.

In her remarks, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi, Nancy Saungweme said the government of Zimbabwe also values the bilateral relationship that exists between Malawi and Zimbabwe.

She further said the government of Zimbabwe among others is keen to promote trade between Malawi and Zimbabwe.

“We are family and trade should be amongst ourselves first before it even goes further, we can be doing better deals which can advocate the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe,” Saungweme said.

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