By Rosalia Kapiri MANA

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says it is time for Malawi to take charge in promoting the green economy by adhering to good natural resource practices.

Chakwera made the remarks at Botanic Gardens in Lilongwe on Friday during the official launch of the Malawi Carbon Market Initiative.

The President said the Tropical Cyclone Freddy that hit Malawi earlier this year is an indication of effects of climate change hence green economy is the way to go to restore climate change while at the same time earn forex by selling carbon credit.

“We have set ourselves on a different economic path which will make sure we attain the economic growth without degrading other aspects of the environment. It is possible to chase the infrastructure and economic sustainability while at the same time chase the environmental path,” said Chakwera.

Chairperson of Malawi Carbon Market Initiative, Dr McDonald Mafuta Mwale explained that carbon market is a mechanism established to help countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change which is done through the trading of carbon credits.

A group of 17 committee members is set to oversee the Carbon Market Initiative which will involve projects and activities that contribute to emission, reductions and sustainable development in the country.

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Dr Micheal Usi warned citizens against destroying forests saying if found the law will catch up with them.

He cited Dzalanyama Forest Reserve as one of those affected.

“We have deployed the Malawi Defense Force to issue order and sanity at Dzalanyama Forest. Everything requires discipline and all those endangering the forest will be punished,” warned Usi.

The launch was marked with planting of endangered trees by the President and other dignitaries. President Chakwera planted the scarce nsambamfumu tree.

The Malawi Carbon Market Initiative was launched under the theme, ‘Making Carbon Market work for Malawi’.

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