By Gift Chiponde MANA

Government has facilitated the first ever export of Malawi Gold Cannabis Biomass to Macedonia through a local Malawian off-Taker, NexGen Medical Limited.

Confirming the development, controller of Agriculture Extension and Technical Services on Private Sector Mega Farms Programme implementation strategy in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Alfred Mwenefumbo said the move will see Malawi grossing $500 million from the export of Indian hemp biomass annually.

Mwenefumbo said in two weeks time government is expecting to receive results from a Macedonian off-taker instaDose which is one of the potential off-takers of Malawi Gold Cannabis biomass after the extraction and testing of crude products.

He further said that the initiative has been successful with the help of Cannabis Regulatory Authority and the Malawi Police Headquarters who worked tirelessly to get the 15,000 kg of the Malawi Gold Cannabis biomass cleared.

“I salute the Inspector General of Malawi police service and personnel from Cannabis Regulatory Authority for their good gesture by fully supporting us in the entire process and in facilitating the exportation of the said production” said Mwenefumbo.

He also outlined that the extraction of the crude product has already started by instaDose and upon its success they will commence sending to several reputable pharmaceuticals in Europe who will submit to them official orders that will help to determine the volumes that, as a country, we can specifically produce.

Mwenenefumbo has disclosed that government through Mega farm implementation, will start producing outdoor Malawi Gold Biomass in the coming season to scale up the production.

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