By Silvester Kumwenda MANA

Police in Dowa on Monday arrested a man for murder over an alleged failed deal of a bag of fertilizer.

Dowa Police Station Spokesperson, Alice Sitima identified the suspect as 35-year-old Yotamu Fulatiya.

Fulatiya is suspected to have, on December 30, murdered Climton Watson aged 23, at Mndembo Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Msakambewa in the district.

Yotamu Fulatiya

“It is alleged that in December 2023, Watson collected money amounting to K90,000 from Fulatiya, in agreement that he would give back a bag of fertilizer which he was to benefit from Affordable Input Program. However, it is reported that Watson had bolted without settling the agreement.

“But on December 30 evening, the two met at Mwelero Trading Centre for discussions which did not go well. Later, Fulatiya took Watson to his cousin’s house who was at home by then. There, the suspect hit Watson on the neck with a blunt object and he escaped,” said Sitima.

She said police rushed to the scene accompanied by medical personnel but found Watson lying dead but without any visible injury on his body.

Postmortem results established that death was due to suffocation secondary to Hyoid bone fracture and trachea blockage.

Fulatiya who hails from Mwelero Village, TA Msakambewa in Dowa will appear before court soon to answer a murder charge.

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