By Fostina Mkandawire MANA

Malawi Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (MANET+) has advised communities in Salima District to use the insecticide-treated nets for their intended purpose to prevent malaria.

MANET+ Project Officer, Chisomo Kanyenda, made the appeal on Thursday at Chipoka in Senior Chief Ndindi during a five-day Malaria Awareness Campaign, promoting access and utilisation of insecticide-treated nets through sensitisation meetings.

Kanyenda emphasized that the use of insecticide-treated nets is one of the effective preventive measures that the Ministry of Health highly recommends, and Salima being a lakeshore district, misuse of the nets is rampant.

“We have heard of the use of mosquito nets for fishing purposes, this malpractice is highly discouraged and communities should be informed now and again not to misuse the nets they receive,” he said.

Kanyenda further said the awareness campaign was intended to reduce deaths from malaria and transmission of the disease by using already developed messages and strategies that the Ministry of Health is using.

District Assistant Health Promotion Officer for Salima, William Kaunda, said continuous awareness campaign on malaria is important because challenges are also ongoing.

He, therefore, urged stakeholders to take an active role and work hand in hand with Salima District Health Office in controlling malaria in the district.

He said continued misuse of mosquito nets is a challenge the district has been facing, therefore, the awareness campaign targeted the right audience.

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