By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

One of the commercial firms in the country, the Sales Hub, says the public sector could strive in the current turbulent economic shocks if only the sales and marketing leaders are innovative.

Senior consultant and director for the firm, Micheal Khomani said this in Blantyre during an open sales leaders training.

Michael Khomani

Khomani noted that some companies scaled down production while others closed shop recently due to the prevailing turbulent economic environment.

” But the situation could not be like that if the marketing and sales leaders were innovative to cushion the companies against such economic shocks,” he said.

According to Khomani, his company decided to build the capacity of the sales leaders across the country on strategies to implore so as to save companies from death due to the poor economic parameters.

” As we have just started the year, sales team of companies need to kick start on a good note for the survival of the companies,” said Khomani

In a separate interview, one of the participants Titania Katenga Kaunda, hailed the company for the training, which she said would go towards motivating the marketing and sales teams.

Kaunda noted that survival of the companies rest in the hands of the sales and marketing teams, therefore, needed innovative leaders.

Sales Hub, was established in 2023 to among others, capacitate the sales and marketing sectors of various companies.

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