By Franco Mwachande Jnr

There was joy in Amidu village in the area of Traditional Authority M’bwatalika in Lilongwe on Sunday after Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF) handed over a borehole to communities.

In an interview on the sidelines of the handover, Group Village Kambewa said the new borehole will end shortage of water in the area as his subjects used to drink water from unprotected sources.

He said: “If people drink water from unprotected sources it posed a threat of contracting waterborne diseases such as cholera, especially during the rainy season like this so this potable water will enhance people’s hygiene in the face of cholera outbreak.”

Kambewa also said traditional leaders have already formulated by-laws to safeguard the boreholes against vandalism.

A beneficiary, Fracson Chapoya, a community member, said she used to travel long distances to get clean water.

“We will now access safe water in the village. I urge my fellow community members to take care of the facility,” she said.

Another community member, Anina Dinala, said children will now report to school on time.

“Girls were reporting to school late because they had to fetch water first,” she said.

In a separate interview, Myf programs manager Jaffar Jameson said the solution to improve people’s health and quality of life is providing them with access to clean water.

“We are aware that everyone has the right to access potable water. We, therefore, decided to implement the initiative to promote sanitation and hygiene,” he said.

Jameson said they drilled the borehole with K4.8 million funding from partners in South Africa.

He however, commended well-wishers for always supporting the initiatives of the organisation.

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