By Vincent Khonje MANA

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority – MACRA on Thursday donated fifteen computers to Mchinji Teachers Training College (TTC).

The donation was carried out under MACRA’s Universal Service Fund (USF), a programme dedicated to advancing digital inclusion across the nation.

Khumbo Kasambala, programmes manager of USF, emphasised the collaboration between MACRA and the Ministry of Education, spanning various facets.

Kasambala highlighted the pivotal role of ICT in the current digital era and acknowledged MACRA’s commitment to supporting initiatives in the sector.

“What we noted is that we are leaving out the key personnel as far as digital skills development is concerned, thus student teachers. These are the people that go and teach students when they finish, so we thought it wise to start where our education system starts,” Kasambala said.

Kasambala added that MACRA’s wish is to see ICT proliferate all over Malawi and its usage increase.

Mchinji TTC principal, Dr. Bridget Matinga, expressed heartfelt gratitude for MACRA’s significant contribution to the college’s technological resources.

“We are truly grateful for this gesture from MACRA. The fifteen computers donated today will go a long way in advancing our capabilities in ICT,” said Matinga.

MACRA has decided to provide computers to 10 Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) throughout the nation as part of its effort to advance digital literacy in both public and private schools. Each TTC is getting 15 computers.

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