By Collings Fatsani Mdeni

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) director of youth Honourable Richard Chimwendo Banda, has projected a ray of hope to the people of Salima urging them not to despair with the current situation of the Agriculture Development Marketing Cooperation (Admarc).

He gave hope to the people of Salima South East Constituency today at Kunthanga community ground in the Traditional Authority Kambwiri where he held a rally alongside other cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament drawn from across the country.

Speaking to the mammoth crowd at the ground, honourable Chimwendo Banda, who is also the Minister for Local Government, Culture and Unity said people in the country are safe in the hands of President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and urged them to continue rallying behind him because of his visionary leadership.

But he put emphasis encouraging and assuring them that government will resume Admarc operations in their communites and that its new operations will serve people’s interest.

During the rally, communities expressed concern that although many people had access to the Affordqble Input Programme resources, some of its members have not yet redeemed fertilisers, a development they said is likely to pose a threat on food security.

Speaking to the crowd on behalf of communities Traditional Authority Kambwiri  said despite the challenge, people in his area will continue rallying behind President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration because of his sound leadership.

In his further remarks, he suggested that those who are yet to redeem fertilisers will use the inputs for growing irrigated crops.

Responding to the concerns, Honourable Chimwendo Banda admitted there are some shortfalls but he urged people to continue supporting Presdient Chakwera’s government because of his effort made to increase the number of AIP beneficiaries among others.

Others who spoke at the rally include Minister of Health Honourable Khumbize Chiponda Kandodo, who is the MCP’s organising secretary and Minister for Mining Honourable Monica Changanamuno.

The rally followed a meeting which Honourable Chimwendo Banda held in the morning with Members of Parliament in his capacity as the Minister for Local Government, Culture and Unity.

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