By Christer Kalukusha MANA

Presidential task force on COVID-19 and cholera has described media as vital in fighting the cholera pandemic effectively in the country through its task of information dissemination.

Speaking on Friday during an interface meeting in Salima with journalists from top-five districts that have been greatly hit by the pandemic, Co-Chairperson for the task force, Dr Wilfred Chalamira Nkhoma said the media is crucial in disseminating information to the public on the prevention of the pandemic in the country.

Dr Wilfred Chalamira Nkhoma

“The media is responsible for disseminating information from community level with the presence of community radio stations up to national level, hence I urge them to remain vigilant in informing the public about the prevention measures of cholera,” he said.

Chalamira Nkhoma further said effective information dissemination is critical, especially now that some parts of the country have been hit by ‘Cyclone Freddy’ and that interventions put in place to control the pandemic should be strengthened.

Meanwhile, Technical Officer for World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Africa, Aminata Grace Kobie has urged Malawi Government to have good relationship with the media by providing them with accurate information to avoid misinformation during the pandemic.

“The media interacts with the community and is trusted within the community. If we are to prevent cholera or any disease, providing them with correct information is crucial as it will help fight this pandemic by changing the public’s behaviour, hence will win this fight,” Kobie said.

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