By Sellah Singini MANA

Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change on Wednesday donated 1.85 tonnes of dry fish worth K7.9 million to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH).

Speaking to reporters after the donation, Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Dr Michael Usi said his ministry understands the critical role nutrition plays in the recovery and well-being of patients in hospitals hence the donation.

“By providing this nutritious fish to Kamuzu Central Hospital today, we aim to contribute to the betterment of the patients’ health and aid in their swift recovery. Nutrition is very critical in the healing process of the patients,” Usi said.

Dr Michael Usi, right

“The fish being donated today has been caught from the waters of Lake Malawi and it belongs to Malawians. My ministry will continue supporting the hospitals as we are also considering of making similar donations to other central and district hospitals,” he added.

In her remarks, Minister of Health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said nutritious quality food is part of case management and treatment considering that there are certain conditions and diseases that need nutritious food for the patient to get healed.

Khumbize Kandodo, Minister of health

“We are grateful for the quality fish the ministry has donated. Fish is very important since, apart from being a protein, it has so many good minerals and vitamins.

‚ÄúThis donation to Kamuzu Central Hospital is timely considering that it is a big hospital with thousands of patients. Apart from patients, we also have health care workers who work 24 hours and we still need to take care of them,” Chiponda said.

The fish species that were donated include Sawasawa, Kampango, Bombe and Ndunduma.

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