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Member of parliament for Blantyre Malabada constituency Ishmael Mkumba says he is seeking for solution to allivate poverty in Blantyre Malabada constituency after cyclone Freddy hit the area and claim lives of many people and also destroyed their properties.

Ishmael Mkumbira MP BT Malabada

Mkumba say the situation is still bad since the disaster happened which affect 6700 houses in the whole constituency.

He laments that most of the houses were affected due to it was build from mud bricks saying that shows that there is high levels of poverty in the constituency.

He says : “People are living in abject poverty, so we need to solve this problem and we have to look for ways of which we can end poverty.

“Because this is not the first time people have lost their lives and houses due to heavy rain rain falls starting from 2015, 2019 and last year it happened again.”

Mkumba says they fear that next year is going to happen again, saying they need to be prepared through fighting poverty inorder to prevent the loss of lives and properties of the people again.

He further says the biggest problem is that the people who lost their properties are living in tent which is not really ideal saying they need to go back to their house holds to continue with their lives.

” But they can’t go back because they don’t have the money to rebuild their houses and continue with businesses that they had before.” says Mkumba.

He hailed the companies and some communities and individuals for their support they offered during the devastating time like Coca-Cola and Kell food companies, Muslim and Hindu communities and also Minister of Water and Sanitation honourable Abida Mia which they brought alot of food to the victims.

Cyclone Freddy which originated from Madagascar claimed over 600 hundred lives and washed away houses, crops, livestocks, roads and bridges in ten districts in the southern region in the month of March.

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