By Suzan Hara

Farm Radio Trust, a non-governmental organisation in agriculture, food security and rural development on Saturday launched Mlimi Radio Station, the first Pro-Agriculture radio station in the country which is mainly focused on providing information to farmers for sustainable livelihoods.

Speaking during the launch of the radio at its offices in Area 47, Lilongwe, the Chief Executive Officer for Farm Radio Trust George Vilili said using innovative technologies is very important in the modern times and radio has proved to be a very essential tool in achieving rural development through provision of agricultural information.

Vilili said farmers have had problems accessing information on good farming practices, market updates, weather forecasts and agricultural advisories, and so many farming related issues.

“As Farm Radio Trust, we noted that despite Malawi being an agriculture driven economy, there was no special radio dedicated to promote agriculture and rural development information; so recognising the significance of agriculture to the economy, the idea of Mlimi radio was hatched with the purpose of promoting agriculture and rural development for sustainable livelihoods,” Vilili explained

Minister of Information and Digitalization ,Moses Kunkuyu commended Farm Radio Trust for its contribution towards transformative development.

“As Ministry of Information, we pledge commitment to support initiatives such as Mlimi Radio to ensure a conducive environment that enables players in the information industry to contribute towards achieving national development,”Kunkuyu said

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