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Ministry of Trade and Industry says government is currently reviewing some trade policies and regulations to create a conducive environment for doing business in the country.

Speaking on Monday in Lilongwe during a meeting with Rights for Business Women Association of Malawi (RBWAM) and Cross Boarder Traders Association of Malawi (CBTAM) Minister of Trade and Industry, Simplex Chithyola Banda, said government temporarily banned the export of scrap metal to bring sanity in the sector.

“You did well to come and present your concerns because we are there not to obstruct your businesses but bring order. Scrap metal is one of the businesses that contributes towards the economy.

“However, vandalism of cables and infrastructure for scrap metal in the country had reached endemic levels hence we effected the ban to review the Scrap Metal Act (1971) which is obsolete. Homeland Affairs Ministry gives out certificates to legitimate scrap metal dealers before the ministry of trade issues export licenses,” Chithyola Banda said.

The minister said introduction of CD1 forms for exports of agriculture produce was meant to sanitize the system so that Reserve Bank of Malawi, Malawi Revenue Authority and the ministry has statistics on the quantity being exported and how much is remitted as earnings.

BWAM chairperson Harriet Kanyenda said when the scrap metal ban was declared some women had goods at the border which they were not allowed to export thus incurred losses and failing to service bank loans.

In her remarks CBTAM secretary general Vanessa Kapichira-Banda said the current process of exporting goods where they obtain CD1 forms and move goods into MRA bonded warehousing is restrictive and costly.

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