By Moses Nyirenda MANA

Lilongwe City Centre Member of Parliament (MP), Alfred Jiya has hailed the launch of over K300 billion road construction project in Area 49 New Shire by Lilongwe City Council (LCC).

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Jiya said that he is happy with the launch of the road construction project.

“New Shire is one of affluent locations in the capital city, For this reason I am very excited that this road will now be constructed and this will address numerous things like; reduction of dust, mud and even some respiratory diseases,” Jiya said.

He also said that the road to be constructed will also improve accessibility of Area 49 New Shire and other areas within the capital city once it is completed.

Mayor for Lilongwe city, Councillor Richard Banda said with support from Road Fund Administration the council is on a move to put tarmac roads in various locations in Lilongwe city.

“In Lilongwe city there are many roads which need to be constructed, at the moment we have managed to construct a number of roads but we have not yet reached where we want to reach.

“Since the Road Fund Administration is still giving us money to construct these roads, we believe that as we will reach 2025 there will be tarmac roads in many locations in the city,” Banda explained.

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