By Andrew Mwanandiye Tembo

Malawi School of Government (MSG), Mpemba Campus has gone to festive season with a smile of K800,000 championship package from Egenco Doubles Darts Tournament after beating Malawi Postal Cooperation Services 3 to 1.

This comes coincidentally with a National Darts Tournament commencement which was slated on same Friday 22 December, 2023 alongside the college’s Christmas Luncheon arrangements as the school closes for festive season.

Speaking during the Egenco Tournament Trophy presentation at the campus in Blantyre, Director General for Malawi School of Government Professor Asiyati Chiweza commended the team by citing that the team has shown good morals by being excellent as per the cores values of their college.

” I am proud of the team for emerging the champion in this tournament and through out the games it has been established that the prayers had observed discipline an act that fulfills excellency which is part of our core values”said professor Chiweza.

Chiweza further urged the the team to prioritize living in peace with one another for the achievement of different goals in life and also promote team work mindset for the development of our country.

In his comment Director for Mpemba Campus Peter Muthete also urged the the players to continue putting God first in all their endeavors for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom hence the winning.

Taking the turn, captain for the team Willes Chirombo said 8 teams reached the finals and winning 3 to1 against Malawi Postal Cooperation was not a simple task. He considers it as an excitement and a mile ahead to put MSG on the map through darts sport on national level.

The Darts team also emerged the champions last year in the same tournament.

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