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Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu south Joseph Mwanamvekha who is also a Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) presidential aspirant on Sunday visited to cheer and console the people that have been heavily affected by cyclone Freddy in the southern region as part of the ongoing program for the people who have been affected by Cyclone Freddy in the southern region.

Joseph Mwanamveka front with a senior woman

Mwanamveka who started the program of helping the people who were affected by cyclone Freddy since the cyclone hit in the southern region visited the victims in the Chiradzulu district particularly in group village headmen Masuku, Kajaga, Namakhwiri, and  Chiniko in Traditional Authority Mpunga area. And other beneficiaries came from Namathiya, Muliva, Muyele, Masuku, Chongwe, Kazembe, Namakwiri, Muwa, Litunu, Himanya, and Mkanda villages.

He encouraged and advised the victims that they must take care of their children and send them back to school saying he is still mourning with them in this time of hardships and difficulties.

Many people in the area lost their houses, clothes, food, cooking utensils, and livestock. As part of alleviating their sufferings, Mwanamvekha distributed Maize flour, blankets, and plastic sheet.

In his remarks, Traditional Authority Mpunga hailed the legislator for his usual unwavering kindness, generosity, and the development that he has spearheaded in the area.

On their part Group village headmen Kajaga, Masuku, Namakhwiri, and Chinoko promised to continue praying for the legislator and support in his further endeavors.

Mwanamvekha will continue with his program in due course where he will be visiting Phalombe, Blantyre, Mulanje, and Thyolo districts, among others respectively.

Cyclone freddy which originated from Madagascar killed more than five hundred people and washed away houses, livestock, crops, and bridges in Blantyre, Mulanje, Zomba, Mangochi, Chiradzulu, Thyolo, Pholemba, Chikwawa, and Mwanza district.

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