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Evidence for Change Solution (E4C) says it plans to roll out a gender based violence (GBV) awareness campaign in communities surrounding Songwe Border in Karonga ahead of commencement of construction works for Songwe One Stop Border Post (OSBP).

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, communication consultant for E4C, Andrew Massa said construction projects have a positive impact on the social life of people that surround the project sites.

He however warned that such projects may also give rise to a number of social challenges including GBV and other environmental and labour related issues, if not properly managed.

“We are going to use multiple communication channels including road shows and drama to sensitise communities surrounding Songwe Border about issues that can arise in the course of the project.

“We are hopeful that the campaign will build the capacity of the communities to be able to identify, respond and prevent GBV and other issues that may arise in the course of the project,” Massa said.

He said E4C has also been implementing similar campaigns at the Dedza and Mwanza OSBPs, saying common issues that the organisation has been recording include sexual harassment at the construction sites and construction workers impregnating young girls.

District Gender Officer, Ireen Mwenelupembe described the sensitization campaign as crucial to the district, saying it will empower communities with knowledge to protect, prevent and respond to GBV and other issues anticipated on the project.

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