By Andrew Magombo MANA

Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has urged stakeholders to supplement government efforts of ensuring increased access to education through provision of infrastructure and furniture.

Wilima and Armstrong cutting a ribbon

She made the remarks in Dowa during her keynote address when she officially opened Chunzu Primary School which has 8 new classroom blocks, toilets and administration offices courtesy of Great Mind Bright Futures organisation.

Minister of education Wilima

Wirima said the donation comes at a right time as government is relentlessly aiming to reduce the soaring pupil to classroom ratio in the country through construction of new classrooms.

She further highlighted the commitment by government to achieve Malawi Agenda 2063 through the Malawi Implementation Plan (MIP – 1) which among other things, emphasizes on ensuring school children access compulsory basic education in conducive environment.

In his remarks, Founder of Great Minds Bright Futures Davie Armstrong expressed his contentment that the school is finally being handed over to government having visited the place in 2017 and saw the need for infrastructure development.

“This donation complements efforts of government in rendering the best education for children in Malawi, I am glad that finally the community will take over and put it to use,” he said.

Dowa South East Legislator Halima Daudi who is also the Deputy Minister of Health urged her constituents to take care of the infrastructure citing lasting impacts for the future generations.

Chunzu Primary School school has an enrolment of 1,643 learners (803 girls and 840 boys) and 17 teachers (14 males and 3 females).

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