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According to Alex, many people are doing mining in their village as a way to earn money to support their daily life. Alex complained that mining is destroying the environment and destroying many people’s gardens here they have asked people who want to do well to advise the people of their village on how to do mining

Save the Children in collaboration with other partners have launched a project which is known as Joint Forces for Africa aiming at advocating for the promotion, respect, protection and fulfillment of child rights globally.

Country Director for Save The Children, Ashebir Debebe, said the project aims at addressing the root causes of child labour as it has been assessed on community and national level for the policy legislative to eradicate child labour.

According to Ambassador, Head of delegation for EU, Rune Skinnebach, The call of European Union values is to protect the human rights especially the vulnerable which include children as it plays a great role as a main donor for the implementation of the project.

“We are expecting the change in eradicating the root causes of child labour through the awareness by informing the community, legislators, parents, school as well as for the implementation on how to eradicate child labour and end poverty,” said Skinnebach.

Principal Secretary for the ministry of Labour, Kayira, there was an amendment to the employment act to abolish child labour.

“As government we have ventured into prohibition of hazardous works that emphasizes on non-involvement of children in such works beyond their age,”said Kayira.

Country Director for Plan International Malawi, Mwape Mulumbi, said the number of children that are involved in child labour is high, so with the coming in of JOFA will bring positive impact in provision of child rights as the community wil be able to monitor children.

“We want to see on how we can assist the government to eradicate child labour,” said Mulumbi.

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe north constituency Winston kalimanjira Says many people are doing mining as a way to earn money to support their daily life.
However some have taken the advantage to destroy other people’s land and they are doing illegally without lancecy .

Among other issues, besides Malawi, there are three other different African countries that JOFA project has been implemented, which include, Madagascar, Mali, Burkina Faso.

In Malawi, JOFA project will be reaching out 400,000 people in the district of Lilongwe and Mchinji respectively.

The joint effort began in 2017, and so far six prominent organizations dedicated to the rights and welfare of children – ChildFund Alliance, Plan International, Save the Children International, SOS Children’s Villages International, Terre des Hommes International Federation, and World Vision International formed a global initiative called Joining Forces Alliance (JOFA).

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