By Wanangwa Tembo MANA

National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust has challenged community leaders to champion mindset change efforts for the speedy realisation of the Malawi 2063 goals.

District Civic Education Officer for Kasungu, Pilirani Chaguza, said leaders at all levels must show exemplary behaviour if they are to successfully influence positive change amongst communities.

He was speaking on Tuesday during a day-long training on mindset change for community and faith leaders at Santhe in Kasungu.

Chaguza said good leadership as espoused in the Malawi 2063 means being transparent, accountable and acting according to law, adding leaders must not waste public resources on trivia.

He further said that faith leaders are among the most revered opinion leaders that have high credibility and influence on people hence must use their positions properly by, among others, denouncing retrogressive beliefs.

Pastor Shadreck Banda of Assemblies of God concurred with Chaguza, saying faith leaders must concentrate on teachings which will help to better people‚Äôs living standards than dwell on doctrines that put people’s lives at risk.

With funding from the Malawi Government, Nice is conducting activities countrywide to popularise the Malawi 2063 dream with a bias towards mindset change as a mainstay enabler of the long term aspiration.

The Malawi 2063 vision aims to transform Malawi into a wealthy and self-reliant industrialised upper middle-income country by the year 2063 or earlier.

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