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Nkhoma CCAP Synod has instructed its legal team to join the same sex marriage court case as friends of the court to defend the ordainty of true marriage which consists of man and woman.

General Secretary Reverend Vasco Kachipapa has also told journalists in Lilongwe that they will take part in the Thursday protests against any attempts to legalize homosexuality in Malawi.

“This issue is even understood by animals,” said Kachipapa.

Taking his turn, General Secretary for Episcopal Conference of Malawi(ECM) Father Alfred Chaima stressed the objective of going to the streets is to defend the marriage, family and human sexuality.

“As faith groups, we have our own values and beliefs, as such we want to speak with one voice. Allowing same sex marriage will destroy the country,” said Chaima.

Alemekezeke Phiri, General Secretary for Malawi Council of Churches expressed concern that the same sex issue puts Malawian marriages into jeopardy and they can’t allow society to be destroyed.

Both the Bible and Quran vehemently condemn same sex marriages and describes it as unholy. But human rights groups the LGBTIQ community has rights too on consensual same sex relationships.

Evangelical Association of Malawi, Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi, Malawi Council of Churches and Muslim Association of Malawi representatives attended the Wednesday media briefing

The demos follow a court application to declare Malawi’s homosexuality laws unconstitutional. The High Court in Blantyre sitting as a Constitutional Court is yet to make its determination on th matter.

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