By Yamikani Yapuwa MANA

National Planning Commission (NPC) says chiefs have a huge role to play in instilling mindset change amongst their subjects as the road to becoming a wealth and self-reliant nation begins at a personal and household level.

Commissioner at the NPC, Natasha Nsamala said this on Friday in Thyolo when the commission engaged senior chiefs from Thyolo, Mulanje and Phalombe districts to discuss the Malawi 2063 agenda.

“One of the things that we are doing as the NPC is to engage leaders at various levels to act as champions of Malawi 2063 so that they should take the message further to places we cannot be,” she said.

Nsamala expressed hope that Malawi development aspiration outlined in the Malawi 2063 agenda will trickle down well with chiefs being on top of things.

“We believe chiefs are champions because we are under their leadership, we listen to them. We believe that what they speak about the vision, everybody will understand and it will become something that will be implemented and understood,” she said.

One of the chiefs who attended the meeting, Paramount Chief Kaduya bemoaned the tendency of over reliance on handouts amongst the citizenry saying this need to be discouraged if Malawi is to move forward.

“We rely on handouts too much as a result we do not work hard. We need to change such mindset and consider working hard with what God blessed us with. Failure to change will result into a cycle of generations that will always wait to be given things on a silver platter. Our children should appreciate the need to work hard by learning from us,” said Kaduya.

On his part, Senior Chief Mabuka of Mulanje asked for the reinstitution of the Mulanje Canning Company which stopped operating way back.

District Commissioner for Thyolo Hudson Kuphanga said chiefs are very crucial if Malawi was to meet the agenda 2063.

The DC observed that chiefs have a major role to play because they make parameters and level the ground in terms of the takeoff of the 2063 agenda.

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