By Judgement Katika

Director of strategic planning in the Malawi Congress party- MCP Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma says president Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera deserves to be given a fresh mandate by voting him into power in the forthcoming 2025 general elections.

Ng’oma was addressing a rally that he conducted on Sunday at Thekerani primary school ground in Thyolo district.

According to Ng’oma, Chakwera administration has a very good developmental agenda that is critical to uplift people’s lives.

Ng’oma pointed out that Chakwera wants to spread development across the country.

The strategist has reiterated that Chakwera will win the coming elections.

He has urged chiefs to help Chakwera in advancing development agendas.

“The Chiefs are very critical in the development of the country this is why the Chakwera government prioritizes and respects the chiefs,” said Ng’oma.

Meanwhile, senior chief Nsabwe has thanked president Chakwera for helping people that were affected by tropical cyclone Freddy.

He has since asked the government to help people with maize, saying that people did not harvest enough due to tropical cyclone Freddy.

Some of the MCP top officials present at the rally include, National Deputy publicity secretary Kondi Msungama, Regional Chairperson for Southern Region Peter Simbi,Babu Khamisa and Brown Mpinganjira.

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