By Steve Chauluka

Paramount Holdings has swiftly moved in to revamp operations at Area 25 health centre in Lilongwe which was ransacked by angry residents two months ago.

The Company has donated medical equipment and cash for the continued renovation of the facility. The donation is valued at K3 million.

Speaking at the presentation of the donation, the company’s Operations Director Nickson Nkhata said Area 25 health centre also serves employees of Paramount Holdings and their families hence the donation.

“After the vandalism, the State President visited this facility and he wanted it to be renovated, so there have been assessments to determine the extent of the damage but also how we can collectively bring it to its full functionality.

“It was difficult for our partners to do it on their own so we came in because we also manufacture and supply some medical items,” he said.

Receiving the donation, Director of Health and Social Services for Lilongwe District Health Office Wilson Chingani described the donation as the right step towards the full recovery of the health centre.

Paramount Holdings has among others donated hospital beds and cash.

The cash will be used to renovate other rooms at the facility.

Irate residents of Mgona in Lilongwe, ransacked Area 25 health centre at the peak of the Cholera pandemic after a member of the community died of the disease, they suspected foul in that death.

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