As Malawi tussles against fuel shortage in some parts of the county, Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL), a body corporate of four oil marketing companies, has uplifted 25 trucks carrying diseal and petrol .

The freightage started arriving in the country with the hope to ease out the ongoing shortage of fuel for the next weeks.

Transport Association of Malawi TAM spokesperson Frank Banda said they have dispatched almost 50 truck in Dar esalam and they will be sending more next week to carry diesel and petrol for IPL

Banda said they are doing everything to bring more fuel into the country

“We are bringing more next weeks. This week already 25 are in the country” , he said

Meanwhile the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has assured the public that the fuel industry is making every effort to stabilise the flow of fuel supplies.

MERA, however said the country will still experience fuel stockouts in some service stations this week.

” The Labour Day holiday has with some impact on the delivery logistics, and this is in addition to challenges registered last week”.

MERA continued that despite these challenges, the stock replenishment will gradually be scaled up. Therefore, the situation will expected to normalise within a weeks.

They have urged the public to avoid panic buying which distorts consumption and performance of the fuel supply restoration plan.

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