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Police detectives from Cyber Crime Unit at National Police Headquarters have arrested 26 year-old Innocent Kananji on suspicion that he created a fake Facebook account bearing the name and photo of the Police Inspector General Meryln Yolamu.

He was allegedly using the account to dupe unsuspecting youths of money amounting to K150,000 on the pretext that he would recruit them into the Malawi Police Service.

Police investigations have also revealed that the suspect has different 13 Facebook accounts most of them bearing female names and pictures which are also investigated.

On 28 May Innocent, supported Limbe police station with K110, 000 to purchase CCTV connectors in an effort to join the station’ comprehensive strategy to combat and prevent crime in the township.

Kananji said as a citizen, it was his responsibility to support the efforts of Limbe Police in ensuring public safety.

Upon receiving the donation, Gladson Chipumphula (DCP), the officer-in-charge of Limbe Police, thanked Kananji for the assistance.

Chipumphula said Kananji’s donation of CCTV connectors will greatly contribute to the efficiency of the control room at Limbe Police station, enabling seamless connectivity and facilitating real-time monitoring of the town’s surveillance network.

Kananji will appear in court soon to answer the charge of cyber spamming contrary to Section 91 of Electronic Transaction and Cyber Security Act of 2016.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Police Service is calling upon any individuals who have fallen prey to the scam to report to their nearest police.

The suspect comes from
Andasani village, T/A Sawali in Balaka District.

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