By Cyrus Bengo

Police in Blantyre on Saturday arrested two people for theft and obtaining money by false pretence.

The two have been identified as Biston Mleme, aged 22, who hails from Kalilima Village, Traditional Authority Nkanda in Mulanje and 18-year-old William Nomanda who comes from Nancholi Village, Traditional Authority Somba, in Blantyre District.

In an interview with Teamplustv on Sartuday, Blantyre Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Ivy Mwalabu said the suspects deceitfully scammed approximately MK540,000 from different people which led to a thorough police investigation, leading to the identification and arrest of the suspects.

“These are men who are pretending to be women on Facebook. They have been asking money from men to engage into relationships. The suspects confessed during questioning that not only have they been stealing money from the one who reported to police but also revealed that they have been involved in numerous similar incidents,” Mwalabu said.

She further said the suspects admitted to have been operating multiple fake Facebook accounts, namely Agnes Natchengwa, Anastazia Nyirongo, Cecelia Chitekwe, Tamandani Nyirongo and Alinafe Chilombo.

“These fictious accounts primarily featured captivating pictures of various girls sourced from Instagram,” she added.

Meanwhile, the suspects are in police custody waiting to appear in court soon where they will face appropriate charges.

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