By Phyllis Nkhoma MANA

Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for the Central East Region, Isaiah Mlowoka, has asked filling station owners in Kasungu to be vigilant at all times when guarding their business premises.

Mlowoka said this on Friday during a safety and security meeting when he engaged filling station owners on security lapses of the filling stations in the region.

He cited lack of skilled security personnel, poor financial management and employment of aged watchmen as some of the contributing factors to security lapses in most of the filling stations.

He has since called on the concerned parties to join hands with the police to strategise on improving security.

He, however, expressed fear that some of the filling station premises have opened liquor shops which could attract criminals.

On this, he asked filling station owners to think about this arrangement with regard to security of their premises.

Jackson Julius, who is one of the filing station owners, thanked the law enforcers for engaging them on security, saying this would reduce criminal activities in the filling stations and build cordial relationship between them and security providers.

Last year, there were serious incidences of robbery in the region targeting filling stations and banks.

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