By Sarah Munthali MANA

Minister of Information and Digitalisation, Moses Kunkuyu says foreign presidential trips are beneficial as they help the country reorient trade and investment prospects within the region and globally.

The Minister was speaking Friday during a press briefing at the Central Office of Information (COI) in Lilongwe to address the nation on United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) outcomes and critical matters of national importance.

He said the 78th Session of the UNGA was successful following numerous pledges of financial and technical support that President Dr Lazarus Chakwera secured for the country.

Among other things, a US$100 million education loan package for 1,000 young graduates to pursue post-graduate studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics was secured.

“The country also got a shot in the arm towards the national social cash transfer initiative with a US$42 million grant for social protection programmes. The grant is from US-based non-profit organisation, Give Directly,” he said.

Speaking on the fuel crisis that the country is experiencing Kunkuyu assured the general public that government has put in place measures to ensure the availability of fuel through Nacala and Dares Salaam ports by next week.

Kunkuyu said Nacala development corridor is advantageously important to Malawi as it remains critical in facilitating the transportation of fuel.

Meanwhile, President Chakwera will on Saturday 7th October, 2023, attend the inauguration of the Rehabilitated, Expanded and Upgraded Nacala Port Infrastructure in Nampula Province, Republic of Mozambique. The ceremony will also be attended by Mozambican President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi and Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema.

The three leaders are expected to jointly sign the revised Nacala Development Corridor Agreement and two other auxiliary agreements on rail and road toad Transport.

Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Matola said government is working tirelessly to address the fuel challenge and Malawians should expect the condition to be normalised by Monday next week.

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