By George Mponda MANA

Director General for Malawi Communications Regualatory Authority (MACRA) Daud Suleman has promised that quality of services provided by mobile networks will improve after six months.

Suleman said this Saturday in Mzuzu during the opening of MACRA’s office complex called Zwangendaba House.

“As a regulator, our number one priority is to protect the customers and improve service delivery. At the moment, we have a project called ‘Better Quality of Service for Malawi’ and we have engaged an IT expert who has come in.

“We are also working closely with Airtel and TNM and have given each other six months to rectify all issues which are affecting service delivery,” he said.

Suleman also revealed that the authority has invested $10 million to set up systems which will enable them to know what time there was bad reception on phones and what time calls were dropping.

“As regulator, these systems will help us be proactive. We are coming from an era where regulation was gossip since we had to be told that calls are dropping somewhere.

“With these systems we will now have hard evidence and when we approach service providers when they have bad service at a certain time we will have evidence of that hence there is no way they can escape,” he said.

In his remarks, Chairperson of MACRA’s Audit and Finance Committee, Alekeni Menyani said as a regualtor they want to ensure there is universal access to services in line with digitalisation policy in Malawi 2063.

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