Rashley kills Malawi artistee fashion scene.

Fashion and music have become inextricably intertwined as tools for self-expression.

Thankfully, to Happy Jumbe well known as Rashley for recent collection of wordrope that trendy and stylish outfits to love and feel comfortable for his funs to see .

He has choose modern, attractive clothing pieces that he easily combine into different outfits for an easy, effortless, creative look. Colorful, rich, artistic clothes that grabs attention and make impression.

He wore cloth that perfectly
fits him and allows maximum comfort and freedom of movement. He knows how to choose outfits simple by picking the right combination of effortless clothes that go well together.

Overcoats, blazers, gilets, puffers, vests, liners, and jackets has help him stand out.

His funs did not waste time to comment on Makosana Facebook page as he flutters in fashion.

The first one said ” Awatu akatelo ndekuti ayamba taking orders ndi atsikana ogulisa zovala pangongole , timva wina wafa”.

The second one said “Mpakana handbag? Aaa my favourite artist

The other one said “Uku ndiye kuvala ngati oyimba , osati yavi yavi ngati Nyau”.

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