By Chisomo Phiri

One of the country’s renowned authors Hope Jabes has released a new book titled ‘Make Things Happen’.

This is his second book after ‘Unleashing Greatness’ launched last year.

In an interview with Team Plus TV, Jabes said the new book expounds technically and exponentially how one can make anything including idea or vision happen.

He said :”Optimal and great unparalleled results not only wrought into acquisition of satisfaction, Pride and Joy but Unlocks the transcendental wisdom and foresight. However, Knowing things doesn’t equate into making them happen, That’s why this seasoned book has technically and exponentially expounded through the handbook the answers on the how, the when and the where to make things happen.”

Asked on What motivated him to write this book, the talented author said:”Life transforming knowledge deficiency inspired me to write the book on how people can make things happen.”

He said the book which has 140 pages will be launched on February 2,2024 at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre and will be available globally on Amazon.com

“Locally it will be available at Central bookshop and Business Center at Crossroads hotel in Lilongwe. The rest of the district it will be couriered.The price is K15,000,” he said.

Asked on how he sees writing industry in Malawi, Jabes said:”It is Growing from my book experience but higher percentage are not book readers culturally.”

About the Author

Hope Jabes is a decorated and renowned bestselling author locally and globally.

He is also a consultant at the Co-founded Leads Consult, philanthropist. He is an academic
achiever; A PhD Student in Business Administration.

He holds a
Masters Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Management Information
Systems (MIS) obtained at Unicaf University.

Jabes further holds a Bachelor’s degree in
Accountancy obtained at Exploits University.

He is a certified IT personnel and Marketer.

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