By Franco Mwachande jnr

The Rotary club of Lilongwe is carrying out a Rotary family health days initiative at Area 18 health centre in Area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chitukula in Lilongwe, the initiative which is aiming at offering free medical services to people .

Speaking during the launch of the initiative on Friday, Country Coordinator for the initiative Vincent Sikelo said the initiative aims at giving less privileged people within and outside Lilongwe city free medical health services which are sometimes rendered at a cost in many hospitals.

Vincent Sikelo coordinator of the initiative

“Through our doctors, we are providing basic physical examination for the residents and made some medical recommendations, prescriptions and treatment to those diagnosed with health complications.”

He adds: “We are urging everyone whether you’re sick or not to go to the medical camps and get tested on any disease beacuse a lot of people are keeping diseases in their homes which are spreading without knowing so by the time they will realize that this is a problem the disease has already spread.”

The initiative was launched two weeks ago at Mitundu Community and is currently being implemented at Area 18 health centre, Area 25 health centre and Kawale health centre.

Area 18 Health Centre Chief Clinical Officer Kedson Masiyano commended the club for the initiative saying government alone cannot afford everything as demands for services are many.

One of the clinicians interacting with patients

Masiyano added that the initiative will help people around the facility to know their body statuses to some disease that remain silent in their bodies for a long time before showing its symptoms for instance Cancer and diabetes.

“Through this initiative people are able to come and test their blood sugar level, Malaria, Hepatitis, BP checking as well as screening and treatment for STI’s and cervical cancer.”

In random interview, the residents who attended the service commended the Rotary club of Lilongwe for the initiative.

A resident from Senti Tinashe Zulu said people walk long distances to a health centre for medical checkups.

“I came with a health problem. I experience excruciating pain in my joints and sometimes I feel dizzy. I am happy that the doctors examined me and I have been advised accordingly,’ she said.

The initiative which will end on Saturday next week is being supported by the Rotarian Club international with K78 million and all Rotary Clubs have received equal amount of K7.5 million.

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