By Prince Banda MANA

Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) has hailed students from Sapitwa International School in Lilongwe for their gesture in capacitating fellow learners whose families were struck by the brutal Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

The donation, given through DoDMA and is worth K3 million, comprises of assorted items such as blankets, clothes, food items and learning materials.

DoDMA Director of Preparedness and Response, Rev. Moses Chimphepo, said the donation by the students does not only symbolise kindness but also unity in times of agony.

Victoria Clare Kachingwe, one of the students at Sapitwa High School said students at her school were shocked with the magnitude of fate experienced by their fellow students.

“Probably, everyone of us wept in shock seeing people dying, dwelling houses demolished and properties washed away. Together we thought giving a helping hand to our fellow students would be a long short hence our contribution,” explained Kachingwe.

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